The implant is a titanium screws placed in the jawbone instead of one or more missing teeth for any reason. They are also called artificial tooth roots. Thus, it is possible to regain the chewing function and aesthetic appearance. Implant ,can be applied to everyone.

Advantages of implant treatment;

* Preserving healthy adjacent teeth while eliminating tooth deficiency.
* It can look and function like a natural tooth.
* Thus dentures which can put on and put off can be fasten
* Prevention of bone loss due to edentulism.

Can each patient be implanted?

* Having good general health
* Having good oral hygiene and oral health
* Having complete growth and bone development
* Having Sufficient volume and quality for jawbone implant application

Is implant application a painful procedure ?

Implants can be applied painlessly with local anesthesia. They can also be performed under general anesthesia upon the request of the patient.

How long does implant application take ?

The application time may take 30-60 minutes depending on the condition of the jawbone, treatment plan and number,position of the tooth.

Dentures on standard implants can also be applied after 3-6 months, depending on the patient's systemic condition, bone structure and age. Some newly released implants with special surfaces can also be applied in three days. However, this is not preferred in every patient.