Lamina veneers are very thin porcelains that can be applied to teeth. They are called Leaf Lamina because they are very thin.

They can be applied from the tooth tissue very little, usually without preparation (roughening). Laminas, which are bonded using special adhesives, are preferred aesthetically due to their very good color permeability.

Laminas are one of the most preferred aesthetic restoration options today because of their healthy, durable and good color harmony.

Laminas, which are produced as very thin, are obtained with sensitive techniques. This is the key to very good harmony with the teeth and surrounding tissues.

Who does it apply to ?

Porcelain lamina can be applied to almost everyone. However, they are not applied for jaw disorders that need orthodontic treatment, nail biting, pen biting, and gum diseases that cause the gums to recede easily.

What are the advantages of Porcelain Lamina teeth ?

They can be applied to the tooth surface with little or no wear on the tooth surface. Broken, cracked, large fillings and discolorations in teeth can be treated easily. The spaces between the teeth have both an aesthetic and natural appearance. They are resistant to staining and abrasion.

How long is the treatment ?

They can be prepared within 5 to 7 days after the measurement is taken.

Is pain felt during and after treatment ?

Since anesthesia will be applied during the treatment, no pain is felt.

Is there a risk of falling porcelain laminates ?

Laminas are bonded with special adhesives. Therefore, the risk of falling is quite low.

How many years are Porcelain Laminates used ?

It can be last for many years with a good care and regular check ups.