Smiling Design means giving the person the most beautiful and harmonious smile he/she can have. A beautiful smile is very effective in making him feel special, well-groomed, positive and confident. The most beautiful smile is planned with smile design.

The smile of the person is tailored to himself/herself, taking into account his/her own face type, skin color, lips and teeth structure, and takes a perfect form.

In the smile design, considering the problems that the person is uncomfortable with, discolorations, caries, tooth fractures, cracks and crowding, tooth deficiencies, diestema (gaps between teeth), gum problems, gum and tooth length differences, deformations are detected.

The reason for the smile design application is primarily the patient's dissatisfaction with his smile, namely aesthetic problems.

When designing a smile, according to the needs of the patient, Lamina porcelains, also known as leaf porcelains, full ceramic restorations, Zirconium veneers, Bonding (Aesthetic dental fillings) can be applied.

In addition, teeth whitening, gum leveling, Orthodontic treatment can be done. In dental aesthetics, the shape, color, length of the gums and their suitability to the whole mouth and lip structure are as important as the teeth.

Gum treatments, Dermal filling and Botox applications have also gained importance in this respect.

The treatment process varies according to the procedures to be performed. While it usually ends in one or two weeks, the time will be longer in Orthodontic treatment and surgical applications.

Who is smile design made for ?

Smile design is primarily applied to people who are not satisfied with their own smile, and those who have aesthetic medical problems and irregularities in their mouth, teeth and gums as a result of examination.