It is one of the aesthetic smile design methods. Bonding Adhesive system is the process of making the tooth shape more aesthetic by applying some filling materials on the tooth in one session.

Bonding application is often used to close the tooth gaps. It is a method applied to close the gaps of a few or a single tooth.

Coloring may continue to occur on the teeth after the bonding application. The teeth are resistant to staining by applying polishing. Stains caused by substances like smoking, tea, coffee, etc. can be removed by routine dental cleaning.

Bonding can be applied on previously bonded teeth if necessary. This application can be applied to people of all ages.

Bonding is applied to teeth that are broken due to trauma and falling effects in young people when porcelain teeth cannot be made. It is possible to apply even in cases where half of the tooth is broken. Broken tooth can be corrected in one session.

Bonding application is a method applied by adhering the material to the tooth with minimal abrasion on the teeth, that is, without damaging the tooth. It is an application for completely protecting the teeth.

Bonding application is a technique that aesthetic dentistry can do. The important issue here is the knowledge and skill of the physician. It is especially preferred in aesthetic smile design.